Presentation Types

Oral Presentation (ZOOM Live Presentation)

In the sessions where oral presentations (4-5 presentations) take place together, 15 minutes will be given for each presentation. Pay attention to the warnings of the session chairman/woman about the time limit.

Video Presentation

For video presentation, participants must selected the video presentation option from the presentation types section during the application. Participants who have chosen this option can record their presentations as mp4, avi, mov, etc., formats, not exceeding 15 minutes and send us an e-mail via to by writing “Video Presentation Record” in the subject part.

Consider the technical explanations for the video presentation:

  • In Video Presentation recording, if attendant has Power Point presentation, he/she should project it on the screen and his own image should appear on the Power Point in a small frame. Please CLICK for sample recording
  • Video Presenters must sent their records to until 2 days before the congress starting date.

Poster Presentation

Posters can be prepared in Turkish or English, regardless of a specific template. A “Poster Session” will be held for the posters that are eligible to be exhibited, and the poster owners will present their posters in this session.

The poster should contain the name of the study, the names of the author/authors, their titles, the names of the institutions in which they work, the purpose of the study, the method used, the results and the evaluation sections. They can look at the technical information of poster designs from the poster preparation rules. Please CLICK for poster preparation rules.

Session Rules

  • Congress sessions will be held via the ZOOM program.
  • The links and passwords of the ZOOM rooms where the sessions will be held will be included in the PROGRAM BOOKLET.
  • Participants are requested to enter the ZOOM room AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BEFORE THE SESSION BEGINS.
  • Your MICROPHONE and CAMERA WILL BE OFF when you log in. When your turn comes to present, your microphone and camera will be turned on by the PRESIDENT.
  • OPEN the documents you want to share about your presentation on your computer first, then press the SHARE SCREEN button in the ZOOM program, select the SCREEN WITH YOUR DOCUMENT and share it. If there is a video or sound effect in your document, click the SHARE COMPUTER SOUND option in the lower left corner when you enter the share screen, select the screen where your document is located and share it accordingly.
  • You can ask the questions about the presentations in the sessions from the CHAT section of the ZOOM program. We recommend our participants to open the chat section and follow the session.
  • We will define our presenters as PANELIST before the session starts. However, we will define our overlooked participants as panelists DURING THE SESSION.
  • You do NOT have to leave the room when your session is over.